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Eleven Eleven

Establishment Vibe: Eleven Eleven is a top spot on my list. They have some amazing food options and the bartenders make some good ass drinks! The music they play is at a moderate volume so you can have nice conversation, and in-between the pauses you can get into a good vibe with the tunes. They have a front space with a bar and some eating tables as well as a dining room in the rear of the restaurant.   Drink Deets: The initial sip was smooth and the aromatics of the drink were on point. The sweetness to whiskey ratio was evenly built so you don't have to let the drink sit to allow the ice to water it down. The ice...

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Black Barrel Tavern

Establishment Vibe: The layout of the bar is conveniently set up for having a dinner or for a nice group to drink and listen to music. The bar is at the front of the spot and all the additional seating is towards the back. They offer some good food options.    Drink Deets: You get a waft of orange aroma, and the Rittenhouse Whiskey gives you a swift one in the taste buds! but it blends well with the bitters. There aren’t any muddled fruits but they do use a Pedro Ximenez Sherry Liqueur which classifies it as a ‘Mexican Old Fashioned’. The sherry gives the drink a slight dryness but overall it’s a decent drink. House Ingredients: Mexican Old Fashioned...

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The Bandit

Establishment Vibe: I walked into this spot and got a old school diner type vibe. I got here before happy hour at 5p and did a recon of the joint. They have a back patio that is located in an alley with a cobble stone walkway that gives it an late 1800s early 1900s Chicago feel, but it’s dope! I would definitely go back to check out a couple of food items they have on the menu specifically the Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders.   Drink Deets: At the bar I grabbed a ‘Thunderbird’ it was sweet but as I let it sit with the ice the sweetness was toned down. They used Old Forrester Bourbon so that also helped tame...

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The Darling

Establishment Vibe: This is a low key spot. When I walked in I was given a choice between going to the restaurant or bar (you’ll see what I mean when you go..). This is a great date spot or pre-game spot. They also have some good appetizers. I tried some of the beef jerky and the complimentary chips they offer in the bar and it definitely gets the job done. There is a nice amount of seating throughout and the sections allow for personal conversations if needed. It’s set up like a vintage Library with a fire place that it much needed in Chicago during November through May…   Drink Deets: This spot offers a small pour of complimentary Prosecco...

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