Black Barrel Tavern

Black Barrel Tavern

Establishment Vibe: The layout of the bar is conveniently set up for having a dinner or for a nice group to drink and listen to music. The bar is at the front of the spot and all the additional seating is towards the back. They offer some good food options.


Drink Deets: You get a waft of orange aroma, and the Rittenhouse Whiskey gives you a swift one in the taste buds! but it blends well with the bitters. There aren’t any muddled fruits but they do use a Pedro Ximenez Sherry Liqueur which classifies it as a ‘Mexican Old Fashioned’. The sherry gives the drink a slight dryness but overall it’s a decent drink.

House Ingredients: Mexican Old Fashioned - Rittenhouse Whiskey, Orange Bitters, Pedro Ximenez Sherry Liqueur, Angostura and Demerara Syrup

Price: $14

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