About Us

Welcome to Good Old Fashioned Chicago, created simply because I like Old Fashioned's! 

Call me Phil. I'm a Chicago native who had plenty of time to try MANY different drinks while serving in the Air Force. Since being back home I found that I prefer a nice chill drink if I'm out "networking" on the Chicago bar scene, or when I'm at home sitting on the patio by the BBQ grill in my favorite chair. So I took a year long journey and sought out the ingredients for what makes a “good” old fashioned. My goal was to bring to the market the best of both worlds into a Chicago style Old Fashioned cocktail mix. It's been a great journey but I'm glad you landed here. Although times have changed a good Old Fashioned cocktail shouldn't! 

As I continue perfecting the cocktail mixer feel free to leave your email below and check out the store to purchase a cocktail glass and t-shirt to help support the Good Old Fashioned Chicago brand