MACHINE: Engineered Dining and Drink

MACHINE: Engineered Dining and Drink

Establishment Vibe: When I first walked in I got the feel that this is a lavish spot where you aren’t allowed in unless you’re dressed like you’re going to a Gala. Nope! The greeters were welcoming and there were people dressed in active wear, slacks, sandals, jeans, (none as fly as me tho). The restaurant is designed in sort of a dark vs light theme. One side has all black decorations and the other all white. There is also a flower shop inside of the restaurant tucked off in the corner. They have a nice size outdoor patio for the warmer days and the windows inside open fully.

Drink Deets:
The drink was banging! I’m not sure if the presentation had an affect on me but it worked. The cage covering the drink was made with bitters and caramelized sugars. A very clever decoration and the fact that it melts into the drink as you swig on it is cool. The cage definitely balanced the whiskey to sweetness ratio and it made this a smooth drink. There are no ice cubes in the drink but it keeps a light chill. I really like this one and I might double back to update this review.

House Ingredients: High West Whiskey Double Rye 92 proof, Raw Sugar, Lemon Oil, Angostura Caramel Cage

Price: $15

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