Money Gun

Money Gun

Estblishment Vibe: This spot is great for an evening out with the homies or you can switch it up and take a date here. It’s dimly lit so you can secure a section with your person or you can dance away the night without any inhibitions. `They play R&B from the 70’s to the present, dope Hip Hop, the current radio songs, so you can vibe out while listening to good music. There is a decent amount of booth seating so I would suggest you grab a spot before it gets more crowded, especially on the weekends as the evening gets later. Take a walk through the establishment below and then lets talk about the drink!


Drink Deets:The aroma on this drink is very citrus with a mild touch of vanilla. The first sip had a nice bite of Whiskey with a subtle taste of sweetness from the honey. The drink has one ice cube and the skin of a lemon and orange.

House Ingredients: High West Whiskey, Demerara,Vanilla+Honey Sugar, Orange and Angostura Bitters

Price: $11.75


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