The Darling bar located in the West Loop Chicago

The Darling

Establishment Vibe: This is a low key spot. When I walked in I was given a choice between going to the restaurant or bar (you’ll see what I mean when you go..). This is a great date spot or pre-game spot. They also have some good appetizers. I tried some of the beef jerky and the complimentary chips they offer in the bar and it definitely gets the job done. There is a nice amount of seating throughout and the sections allow for personal conversations if needed. It’s set up like a vintage Library with a fire place that it much needed in Chicago during November through May…

Drink Deets:
This spot offers a small pour of complimentary Prosecco along with their cocktails! This is a great way to get the evening started. The drinks are well poured, so you will get the buzz you are looking for when drinking here. I had one Oldie but I’m sure if you’re a reasonable drinker, two drinks and you will feel nice!

House Ingredients: Elijah Craig Single Barrel 94 proof, Regan’s No.6 Orange Bitters, Angostura Bitters, Cube of Demerara Sugar

Price: ($9 Happy Hour) - $14

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