The Dearborn

The Dearborn

Establishment Vibe: The Dearborn is a nice chill spot for brunch. Plenty of seating that gives you a modern 'diner' vibe. I went in the afternoon so it didn't have a bar feel per say, but it's definitely a place to grab a drink with a buddy or have a 1 on 1 business meeting. The music isn't blaring but it's at a nice level so you can hear the conversation between yourself in your head.. 

Drink Deets: The aroma of this cocktail is amazing! You get a whiff of chocolate, but mixed with the Sherry and Whiskey you get a light graham cracker smell. The first sip is smooth and then you get the mild heat in your chest from the Whiskey. Very well made and not too much of any ingredient makes this nicely balanced.  


Ingredients: E's Aztecca Old Fashioned: Egan's 8 yr Vintage Grain Irish Whiskey, Sherry Demerara, Azteca Chocolate Bitters, Ice Square

Price: $14

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