Vol. 39

Vol. 39

Establishment Vibe: This bar is located inside the Gray Hotel downtown. It’s a cool upscale library vibe. The music is at a medium volume to allow for nice one on one conversations. Plenty of seating with dim lighting. This is a nice spot to check out when you want to have a happy hour with some co-workers or friends, as well as a nice spot to have a small business meeting. They also serve some quick bites to eat. The allure of this place for me was that they have 8 types of Old Fashioned's!


Drink Deets: To be honest this is my top Old Fashioned (so far)! The way they built this drink was amazing🔥 I had the Rye OF and it was good AF. It smelled like an explosion of herbs and ripe juicy fruits. The bite on the initial sip of the drink was strong with a hint of sweetness. Was set it aside from others was the smoothness from the black iced tea and the perfect amount of spice from the mole bitters. They did this one right!

 Ingredients: Rabbit Hole Whiskey, High West Yippee Ki-Yay Whiskey, Canadian Black Iced Tea, Moe Bitters

Price - $18

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